Balayage vs Highlights

When you want to change the color of your hair, you have the choice between highlights and balayage. Both these techniques are different, and though each one has its advantages, there are many factors to consider when choosing between them. Stylists these days are experts in both of these techniques, and they do their best to give your hair a look you want with any technique.

What Is Balayage?

It is a French word that means "to sweep". In this technique, on the surface of random sections of hair highlights are hand-painted or swept. Usually, as the midshaft dye or lightener is painted, the highlights become denser as moving down the section of hair to the ends. As in balayage, dye is swept onto the hair's surface, resulting in a natural, sun-kissed glow.

Bayalage vs. Highlights

These highlights are usually slightly lighter in the shade than your base color giving natural dimension and depth to your locks. Also, balayage is very easy to maintain with the right products because it blends so seamlessly into the natural color.

What Are Highlights?

Highlighting your hair is the traditional and most convenient way to add depth to it. In highlights, aluminum foil is used to help saturate an intense lightning effect to the strands of hair from root to tip. Strands of hair are precisely sectioned out in this technique, and then in the strands, dye is applied and then wrapped in separated aluminum foil.

As a result, a pronounced contrast between the base color and lightened strands appears that adds a beautiful dimension to your mane. This is a more structured pattern than the balayage, so it needs to be touched more often.

What Should You Try?

The choice between balayage and highlights depends on what you are looking for. If you want a more natural look so that it shines very bright when exposed to sunlight, balayage is your option, and when you want a more toned and structured pattern, then it is best to go for the traditional highlights.


Consideration for Color Commitment

When you do not want to maintain your hair every six to eight weeks, balayage is the better match for you as foil highlights have an obvious distinction so that new hair growth will be more obvious. While on the other hand, balayage growth is less obvious, so it delays your salon visits.


How to Avoid Damage?

It is obvious that giving a chemical treatment to your hair will damage them to an extinct but to avoid any big damage it is important to go to the professional colorist, who can guide you how you can protect your hair for long and also an expert will never leave your hair damaged.
A professional colorist is aware of the time processing time required to maintain the healthy condition of their client's beautiful hair, and they work hard to give the desired result.

At Bella Rinova Salon, professional colorists are here to facilitate you with your demand. You will leave with your desired look without any damage to your hair.