Types of Make Up

Does wearing makeup cause acne?

We all love our makeup! If there’s one wish every makeup lover wants to be fulfilled, it is to wear makeup every single day without worrying about skin. For some, wearing makeup every day is a necessity because of their profession. And for some, let us just admit, makeup makes us happy! However, there’s one major concern that puts every makeup lover in a love-hate relationship dilemma with their makeup products and that is acne. But does wearing makeup cause acne?

Although dermatologists sometimes become for inclined towards discouraging the use of makeup during breakouts or acne treatments, research has shown that the treatment results and the quality of life scores that are associated with the use of makeup in patients suffering from acne can improve when they receive instructions on how to use skincare products and cosmetics effectively.

It is observed that wearing makeup every day may lead to aggravation of acne in some cases, and there are two major causes for this:
1. Comedogenic Makeup: Comedogenic ingredients present in some products clog the pores, which further lead to whiteheads, blackheads, and breakouts.
2. Allergic to Particular Ingredients: If you have acne-prone or sensitive skin, some ingredients present in your products may cause inflammation, which further leads to skin allergies and thus acne.

This is why understanding your makeup and knowing what is present in your makeup products is very important. These acne breakouts that are caused by makeup products are commonly known as acne-cosmetica, and they can be easily resolved when the usage of pore-clogging products is stopped.

But one should remember that it is not just the makeup that causes acne. There are other lifestyle-related factors like hormonal reasons, diet, exposure to new products, etc that severs the case.

Also, there’s another mistake that we often do which leads to breakout but we blame our products for that. And that mistake is feeling too tired to remove makeup before going to sleep. Never go to bed with that makeup on! Let your skin breathe! No matter how tired you are, always wipe down that makeup using gentle cleansing lotion before you hit the bed.

Following these simple precautionary measures and finding what works best, one can safely put on makeup and rock their day. If you are still not sure what products work best for you, you can book an appointment today with Bella Rinova Salon’s experts to know more!