Hair Extensions

Everything You Need to Know About Hair Extensions!

Beautiful hair adds to your appearance as well as establish your presence and vivacity. As a hair extension salon, we spend significant time in making long, stunning, wavy hair that stretches out to your shoulder and further.

Numerous individuals wish their hair were like some of the superstars and models on TV and in the open media. This may take a very long time to nurture and not every person has a similar hair structure and foundation to accomplish his or her desired effect.

Luckily, there are dazzling hair extensions that can extend your beautiful locks beyond your wildest imagination. We can modify the length, twist design, color, lowlights and features for your hair at Bella Rinova beauty salon in Houston, TX. Eventually, it comes down to trust and you can anticipate that your stylist should give counsel to all your hair and beauty questions.

Our hair extensions have a lineage; they are moral and recognizable sourced from India. Indian hair is generally searched for due to its aesthetics and versatility. We secure our hair extensions from the Hindu Temple in Tirumala in India. This is the place the best common human hair extension is sought after. All our hair extensions are of high quality, dependable and tracked.

We utilize a protein intended to emulate the atomic structure of human hair. This is unlike different brands that use pastes, waxes, silicones and different glues that are contradictory to the structure of human hair.


At Bella Rinova, we provide hair extensions in multiple lengths from 12 inches, up to 24 inches long. No matter your frame, style, height, and length of your natural hair, we have the perfect hair extension length for you.


Unending designs and styles can be made with your hair extensions. You can utilize hair extensions to do a basic braid, bun, or can include more volume and many-sided shapes that incorporate ponytails and ombres. There are varieties of looks from a new hairdo to the fix of a hairstyle that hair extensions offer.


Some of our customers suffer from a sensitive matter of hair loss, alopecia. This can be the result of several factors, including age, stress, illness, or hormones. Furthermore, long-term use of a low-quality hair product can give your hair the appearance of thinning. Also, some customers use volume to cover scars. Hair extensions are a great solution to add fullness, no matter the cause of the hair loss. They add that extra oomph to your natural hair.


Hair thickness types vary from one individual to another. Regardless of the nature of your hair, be it meager, fine, medium thickness, or thick hair, hair extensions can add the perfect measure of volume and length to your organic hair.


Here comes the fun to discover your style. Hair extensions can be used to experiment with how you look with different hair colors. They are safe and come in a variety of colors that create a lighter or darker halo effect when combined with your natural hair color. ( This is an option to achieve chemical-free highlights or chemical-free lowlights to your do. Now is the time to add that pop of color!

The correct hair extensions close to me at Bella Rinova provides volume and length. We have the answer to all your hair extension needs. Regardless of whether you need to include additional length, volume to your hair or you need another hairstyle or fix a hairstyle. We have the correct hair extension for all your reasons for adding an extension, even if it is to cover a scar/alopecia and add a touch of color to your hair.