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Is a keratin smoothing treatment right for you?

So we’ve heard about keratin treatments, isn’t that so? But what exactly are they? Who is the ideal
candidate for one? We will reveal to you what keratin is, who might profit from this treatment and why the product we use at our salon is healthier than most.

Let’s get started.

What does keratin treatment do?

Keratin medications lessen frizz and convey smoother, more grounded, more beneficial, and
progressively more beautiful hair that lasts quite a long time.

Who is the perfect candidate for a keratin smoothing treatment?

Anyone who feels their hair is too frizzy for their liking or lacking shine.
The treatment uses a revolutionary low pH framework with a comparable acidity to lemon juice used to open the fingernail skin and implant the focal point of your hair (cortex) with a mix of sericin, keratin, natural concentrates, and nutrients, supplanting lost and harmed proteins. At that point, warmth is introduced with a level iron, shutting the skin and securing in the mix of solid fixings inside the hair, shielding and smoothing the hair from the back to front.