Bridal Makeup in Houston

Weddings are special events where we witness two hearts joining with one another for eternity. It is the union of a match made in heaven. On your special day, you deserve to doll yourself up and feel like a princess. You want your hair, makeup, nails, and outfit to be absolutely on point because this is a day that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

If you are a would-be bride living in Houston, then we would like to congratulate you on two things: one – you are going to step into a new chew chapter in your life, and two – for trusting us to take full responsibility for making you look your absolute best! Lucky you!

Bella Rinova is immensely proud to have a team of the best professional makeup artists Houston has to offer. We have tried our best to create a soothing ambiance for our customers to look beautiful and feel beautiful from within. Our comfortable waiting area, the latest salon equipment, and premium quality makeup, skincare, haircare, and nail care products redefine your beauty by taking it up a notch.

Our services include everything that a bride requires for her big day. At Bella Rinova, we have every single product in stock to adorn you from head to toe so that you, and only you, are the showstopper of the event. From giving you a classy hairdo to adding just the right type and amount of makeup that steals all of your groom’s attention, we’ve got you fully covered.

Book Your Bridal Makeup Appointment in Houston Today

Before dolling you up for your big day, we will call you in for a consultation session. This is where you sit with our stylists and describe the look you would like to have for your wedding. The one-on-one discussion brings out various creative bridal makeup ideas from both parties’ discussions, and our stylists will work with you to select your favorite looks.

Before the actual bridal makeup session on your big day, you might come in for a skincare session to prepare your skin. Our skincare regime can give you a relaxing and rejuvenating experience to make your skin look plump, healthy, and gorgeous on your big day. You can also opt for our famous and nourishing hair treatments. Pick from the famous keratin or conditioning treatments to get smooth, silky, and luscious-looking hair for your special event.

Now that you know where to head for your bridal makeup book your appointment now with Bella Rinova. We would be honored to be a small part of your big day.