Meder Beauty Care Products

We are happy to announce that at the Attracta Beauty Awards 2021, two Meder beauty products were awarded prizes. In The Best Biodegradable Hydrating Face Mask category, Meder’s Hydra-Fill Mask came first place. And in The Best Night Moisturiser category, Meder’s Circa-Night Cream was awarded the top prize. Get your hands on these amazing, award-winning products at Bella Rinova Salon today!

These products were carefully analyzed over a period of time by the best skin specialists and aestheticians in London. And after a long and thorough process, were selected as the best amongst their peers. So, let’s see what makes these products so special.

Meder Beauty Care Products

Hydra-Fill Mask

This beloved instant beauty moisturizing mask is used all over Britain as well as overseas while preparing for high-profile events and award shows. This mask helps to visibly brighten and replenish skin moisture, giving your skin a fuller appearance. It contains Hyaluronic acid, which instantly hydrates skin with its water-retaining ability. It also has Vitamin E to help protect skin cells from sunlight. The deepsea water extract helps stimulate natural collagen production, along with a myriad of other remarkably effective ingredients. The best part is that Hydra-Fill is made using natural golden bamboo fiber, as it soaks up around 30ml of active gel, which no cellulose could ever do.

Circa-Night Cream

This is Meder’s overnight restorative bio-hack lotion. It has won awards for its capacity to help skin recuperate from the negative effects of lack of sleep. As is common knowledge, poor sleep cycles deteriorate your skin’s health as well as its appearance. Sleepless nights reduce the skin’s moisture level and damage its protective barrier. This night cream helps combat these negative effects as its active ingredients align the skin cell's metabolism with healthy circadian rhythms, therefore preventing stress and aging, keeping your skin hydrated and fresh. Some of the key ingredients of this cream are Metabiotic Ice-Awake, natural soy, Probiotic Sirtalice, and shea butter enriched with Panthenol.