Nail Trends That Are Going to Be Huge in 2023

Celebrity manicures went viral in 2022, and the most in-demand nail technicians transitioned into full-fledged influencers. So what can we expect from this year? These five manicure trends, which range from low-maintenance looks to elegant nail accessories, will rule your Instagram feed in 2023.  

1. Subtle Chrome 

Chrome does not always imply bling. Harriet Westmoreland, an OPI global ambassador, says that chrome, but not as you know it, will be popular in 2023, highlighting the shade’s mature development. By layering chrome over opaque and sheer base colors, Westmoreland will give nails a shiny, healthy appearance. Dazzling Disco, a chrome-topped opaque design from national nail salon Townhouse, is a fresh spin on the summer’s glazed doughnut nail trend, made popular by Hayley Bieber’s ultra-shiny manicure. Consider a milky color with chrome on top for a glazed, glossy appearance.  

2. Simple, Neat Nails 

Following extensive grooming and upkeep, the fashion for healthy-looking hair emerged. Nails are following suit; in 2023, expect to see flawlessly polished, simple manicures that display healthy, clean nails everywhere you turn. “Shades like OPI’s Bubble Bath and Love Is in The Bare are perfect for clean, simple nails,” says manicurist Iram Shelton. These hues enhance the nails while concealing flaws for a neat, groomed, healthy appearance. Sorted low-maintenance daily nails.  

3. Barely-There French 

French manicures made a small comeback, but in 2023 demand is considerably higher. For 2023, French manicures will be “barely there, very thin, and natural,” according to Westmoreland. Consider the barely perceptible, delicate white tips that give hands and nails an elegant, costly look. These soft strokes are also used in reverse French, which is equally effective and straightforward. 

4. Accent nails 

Rhinestones, glitter, and toying with matte and gloss topcoats are just a few of the whimsical themes that will be prominent in textured accents in 2023. If nail art is not your thing, these straightforward entry points into the trend—whether it is a reverse French with a line of glitter hugging the cuticle or a simple crystal as a dot accent on each nail—are a great alternative. 

5. Metallic Nail Art and Jewelry 

In 2023, nail piercings and other items with jewelry-inspired designs will be popular. Longer nails will replace the shorter ones popular in 2022; they are ideal for piercing and may be accessorized with hanging diamantes to make a great statement. Pair them with a plain, uncomplicated manicure to maintain attention on those accessories. Practical? Actually, no. Attention-grabbing? Absolutely.  

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