Balayage Highlights

Hair colors have become extremely popular in today’s world. Color gives people the opportunity to get their favorite shade of hair which they can confidently flaunt among their friends, family, and the outer world. Besides that, having a hair color that suits your skin tone, hair length, and facial features can make you look drop-dead gorgeous at all times and instill a sense of confidence and happiness in you regarding your hair and beauty.

One such hair color trend that has taken the world by storm is none other than the Balayage highlights. Unlike the ordinary, vibrant shades that hit the eye, these highlights are high on demand due to their soft and smooth look and feel.

What are Balayage Highlights?

The word Balayage originates from the word “balayer”. It is a French word that is equivalent to “sweep,” and that is exactly how it is applied to your hair by salon professionals. Instead of wrapping up several portions of your hair in foil paper, Balayage highlights are done manually as your hairstylist hand-paints various parts of your hair in a sweeping, top-bottom motion. The highlights blend perfectly with your base hair color and give you a natural look.

To make sure your Balayage highlights look natural, your salon professional might ask you several questions. They may include how you style your hair every day, which parts of it are liked by you the best, which parts do not appeal much to you, and what are your expectations from this highlight. These questions may let the salon expert know more about you and your preferred style which can help them give you unique and personalized Balayage highlights. The reason why Balayage is so famous is that they differ from person to person, so you do not have to worry about having the same hair color as someone else. You get to be all unique!

Balayage Highlights

Benefits of Balayage Highlights

Moreover, Balayage highlights have several benefits other than just giving you unique hair color. They are very easy to maintain because these highlights cover grown-out roots, making them look beautiful. Balayage highlights also cause less damage to your hair, and you get to spend less time visiting the salon for touch-ups. The time between getting Balayage highlights and your first touch-up can be around 6 to 8 months whereas touch-ups for normal hair colors may be required within 6 to 10 weeks.

In addition to that, Balayage highlights are always customized, keeping in mind the facial features, hairstyle, hair length, base hair color, and skin tone of the customer. The gradation, strokes, and pops of soft yet natural shades create a gorgeously dark and light contrast in your hair. The highlights start with having a darker shade and sweep graciously down your hair, lightening as it descends. They give your hair a sun-kissed look and are a must-try.


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