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Provides high-end hair and spa facilities. Our River Oaks salon will ensure that your visit is one to remember. At Bella Rinova Salon, you can expect the very best in luxury, with top stylists from Houston and premier brand products. We've started offering new products as well, and Bella Rinova is the only salon in Texas that offers them. This article gives an overview of some of these products:

Meder Beauty

Meder Beauty, founded by dermatologist Dr. Tiina Orasmae-Meder, specializes in non-invasive transdermal professional treatments and highly effective luxury skincare items that use the most cutting-edge biotechnological ingredients.

Meder Beauty provides six professional treatments that are readily marketable for the most common cosmetic issues. Meder Beauty is one of the few genuinely effective cosmeceutical brands on the market, thanks to its blend of organic plant extracts and cutting-edge biotech ingredients.


MYO-FIX Treatment

This product is the world's first non-injection wrinkle repair method! This product targets mimic wrinkles and fine lines that can be pesky and bothersome. How does it work? Innovative peptides work together to immobilize mimic muscles just where they're needed — at their points of skin contact. Stable and visible outcomes are achieved by combining a high concentration of active ingredients with a particular skin preparation procedure. The results? Smooth, glowing skin with visible wrinkle reduction.


EU-SEB Treatment

This one-of-a-kind prebiotic-only treatment restores normalcy to the stratum microbiome by targeting moderate-to-severe acne, rosacea, and skin that is oily. This treatment is gentle and prebiotic, making it suitable for a variety of issues. Prebiotics are beneficial to the skin's eco flora while being harmful to pathogenic bacteria. The results include inflammation-free, smooth and matte skin, tightened pores, a healthy glow, natural sebum development, and reduced sensitivity.


LIPO-OVAL Treatment

This treatment is the only non-surgical way to slim down your face, and it reduces double chin by intense facial slimming. Lipolytic ingredients minimize fatty tissue and increase microcirculation. This draining and lifting effect makes the face and neck appear slimmer, firms up the skin, and reduces puffiness.

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HYDRA-FILL Treatment

This treatment features deep hydration and non-invasive skin plumping. Moisture levels are replenished in the face, rejuvenating the skin’s natural defense and lessening wrinkles, fatigues signs, and free radical harm. While this treatment is incredibly relaxing, it also results in a rested and radiant appearance with smoother skin and a youthful appearance!


Red Apax treatment

This prebiotic treatment has an immediate soothing effect on rosacea and skin redness. Prebiotics and organic plant extracts are used in this all-natural skin treatment to reduce redness and skin irritation and treat rosacea subtypes 1 and 2. (Facial redness, pimples, and bumps). Natural plant extracts soothe the skin and reduce inflammation while also reinforcing the capillaries in the face. Prebiotics provide a nutrient-rich environment for a stable microbiome, thus inhibiting the growth of pathogenic bacteria. Redness, inflammation, and pain are reduced quickly, sensitivity and irritation are reduced, and the skin becomes healthier.


ARMA-LIFT Treatment

This treatment is for skin regeneration and anti-aging firming for old, dull, and exhausted skin. This treatment is non-invasive: stem cell therapy increases dermal synthesis, which reduces wrinkles, while epidermal growth factor speeds up skin regeneration. Wrinkles are noticeably diminished, and the skin is lighter, with a rested and new appearance.



MBR is a German-made product that is the result of extensive study by top dermatologists and aesthetics doctors. The product uses a three-step process to open, treat, and close pores and is beneficial for pre-and post-surgical procedures. It also aids in reducing the issues from sun-damaged skin, wrinkles, and sagginess.



Dr. Yannis Alexandrides created this product which utilizes the 3D healing mechanism of the skin. This product treats bacteria that cause blemishes while reducing inflammation. It also acts as an anti-aging product that protects the skin to keep it looking young and fresh.


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