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What Is The Microbiome?

Microbiome is defined as the collection of microorganisms living in a particular place. For decades we have been hearing only of the gut microbiome in the medical lectures and even in the scientific debates that it is crucial to maintain the gut microbiota. But do you know about the skin microbiome? Your skin isn't completely sterile instead it consists of millions of bacteria and viruses that are part of your skin. Every individual is different with different skin types, textures, so the number of microorganisms on their skin also varies.


Why Is Microbiome Important For Skincare?

Skin microbiome is very essential to be taken care of because it helps maintain skin sensitivity. Our skin contains different types of microorganisms across all layers of skin, and they directly influence the skin in many ways. Skin is one of the largest living organs that need similar care as our other organs require, and for that, you need to take special care of its microbiome.

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Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and diet is just one piece of maintaining our best skin. Healthy skin microbiomes can help us defeat pathogens, defend against damage, and smooth out our skin. Limiting the quantity of anti-bacterial skincare products we use and not over-cleansing our skin are two great measures we can include in our daily routines. If you clean your face more than twice a day, choose a gentle cleanser with a pH-balanced formulation to help maintain the skin's natural oils and microbial balance.

If you are looking for microbiome skincare products that protect your skin and do not harm it in any way, you are at the right place. At Bella Rinova Salon, we are offering Meder Beauty Care products for our clients as we care for their skin more than themselves. Give us a call today and book your appointment for Meder Beauty Care.