Why should you use Organic Makeup?

Nowadays, natural or organic makeup is becoming all the rage. People are becoming more conscious of what they are putting on their faces and body. Organic Makeup is greatly changing and influencing the beauty industry’s panorama. While ‘beautification’ is still the main term that comes to one’s mind when we think about makeup products, an increasing number of customers are expecting to find sustainable, ethical, and environmentally friendly qualities in the products they purchase.

If you have still not started using organic makeup, here’s why you should start doing it now.

Rich in Nutrients

If we see the numbers, on average, women apply more than 20 different types of makeup & beauty products every single day, which means, almost 5 pounds of products get absorbed through their skin every year. Would you want your skin to take that amount of unnatural ingredients in it? Obviously, your answer to this question is going to be a ‘No’!

This is why we would recommend you to follow the most basic rule, which is, “If you can’t eat it, why would you want to wear it?”

Organic makeup is rich in nutrients and contains ingredients that are not at all toxic for your body to absorb.

Chemical & Allergen Free

Most of the unnatural makeup products available in the market contain extremely harmful chemicals like parabens, phthalates, and many others, which are in turn doing huge damage to the body. For instance, Parabens have been associated with their contribution to diseases like Type II Diabetes, and cancer.

If we talk about Phthalates, they may cause problems like reproductive complications, developmental issues, and neurological damage.


Isn’t it going to be amazing, if putting on makeup products on your face enhances the quality of your skin instead of deteriorating it? Organic makeup provides proper nutrition to your skin and helps in fighting the aging process. Not just that, they are the perfect choice for sensitive skin types as well as they help in calming the worsened skin condition.

Bella Rinova Salon

So the bottom line to all this discussion is that if you would like to clean up your beauty routine and want to get back that glow on your face, consider switching to natural and organic makeup. They are typically free from all harmful ingredients like phthalates, parabens, and synthetic fragrances. And the best part is these products are best suited for all skin types. To find the best organic makeup products for you, get in touch with Bella Rinova Salon today to get the endless benefits for yourself and posterity.